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Josh Seykora



Certified Functional Fitness Coach, Certified TOTALFIT Coach and Instructor & International Speaker

Joshua is a husband, father, teacher, coach, and mentor. He loves learning, reading, the outdoors, sport, functional fitness, and journeying with others as they pursue their dreams and goals. As an athlete through high school and university, and as a university-level coach, Joshua has always enjoyed fitness and exercise. A combination of boredom with 24/7 fitness facilities, the same routine, lack of creativity, and going it alone sparked his need for change. Journeying with his wife, Sarah, through her health, has helped lead him to a passionate motivation for functional fitness and an emphasis on holistic well-being for anyone and everyone. It matches his love for coaching, and his desire is to coach people with the knowledge, principles, skill, and character to thrive in life and embrace their calling and dreams. Joshua specializes in strength and conditioning, weightlifting, functional fitness, and the TotalFit methodology. He has dedicated his life to helping people confront what they believe, why they think it, and implementing new paradigms into their daily life. He does this through teaching, coaching, and by applying these paradigms in functional fitness and sport.

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