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Deborah Hardy



Certified Health Coach (CHC), Certified Life Coach (CLC), Nutrition Coach

Deborah is a mom to three children and keeps an active lifestyle by traveling the world, reading, hiking, and enjoying all things outdoors. She has great passion for parenting and families! Her health awareness journey began when she was leading teams on outreaches to countries all around the world and faced personal challenges with food allergies and travel bugs. These experiences sparked her desire to bring healing to her body in a healthy way. In her pursuit she has self-educated by reading numerous books on health and nutrition, attending many health and personal development seminars, and actively implementing healthy change in her life. Recently, Deborah has been pursuing natural solutions for the health of the whole body and living environment using natural remedies such as essential oils and supplements. Her family has benefited from numerous household health improvements and shares with her community by hosting classes and hands-on workshops enabling others to do the same. Deborah walks with her clients with deep empathy delivering and precision coaching for your exact needs.

Deborah is currently pursuing her Masters in Health and Life Coaching.  

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