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I am originally from California and while I have enjoyed traveling the world, I believe my heart has always been here in Hawaii, where I first moved in 2020. My love for exercise has been innate from a young age, when much of my time was spent in gymnastics/sports. Like many others, I have battled issues surrounding health where I found exercise, movement, mind-body connection and nutrition to be pillars of healing. I am eager to help you bring structure, creativity, and fun to your fitness goals- a balance learned as a result of being a lifelong runner, gymnast, athlete, yogi and overall health & fitness enthusiast. While the physical/aesthetic aspects of working out are beneficial, training has fundamentally changed my life in more than one positive way. I avidly believe that the intention to heal and improve ourselves through fitness directly translates to our growth in the outside world as well. If you can do it on the mat or in the gym, you can do it at your job, in your relationship, or anywhere in your life! I am passionate about the positive impact of one on one sessions, and also love teaching group fitness because of the amazing energy and community it inspires. I am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, have my 200 HR Yoga Teacher Certification, a Bachelor’s in Nutrition/Dietetics & Holistic Health, and currently specialize in:


Strength & Toning

Core & Glute Work


Balance & Flexibility

Holistic Nutrition

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