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Alissa Malinowski

Trainer / Coach


I am originally from Vancouver Canada but the beautiful Big Island and Kona has been my home for the past 11 years now. My husband and I have worked in the non-profit sector both locally and internationally, leading to many years of travel and rich various experiences. As a mother of three young kids, I have personally been so impacted by fitness in experiencing the benefits to not only to my body, but mind, emotions and soul. I am passionate about seeing people encounter how fitness can tie in with transformation across their whole life! When I’m not trying to get in a workout with a friend, I am drinking coffee, running around with kids, and am following up with the latest in the fashion industry. I am a certified personal trainer though Action International and am currently working through a specialization in Women’s Coaching. I love strength training, HIIT, functional fitness, and circuit style workouts. Contact me if you’re interested in pursuing personal training or setting up group training. 

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